Space Patrol Playlist #11



Space Patrol (show theme)

Peter Thomas

Afro Party

Peter Thomas

Mission On Venus

The Transistors

Rumba Malumba

Stanley Black

Friendly Fires

Section 25

1961 Pontiac Wide Track

tv commercial

Operating Tracks

Front 242




Michel Magne

The Music Man From Mars

Rodd Keith

My Mother Was a Friend of the Enemy of the Peopley Of The People



Bobby Hughes Experience

Bounce Bounce Bounce

Ivor Cutler

Taurus (the Voluptuary)

Cosmic Sounds

Waving At the Aeroplanes

Legendary Pink Dots

Mayfield Cigarettes

tv commercial

The Lizard

Billy May

Curious Dr. Hump

50s Trash Trailers

I Am Canadian

William Shatner

Jaan Pehechaan Ho

Mohammed Rafi


Space Patrol Playlist #12



Space Patrol (show theme)

Peter Thomas

The Cha-Cha Club

Stanley Wilson

After The Fox

Burt Bacharach


Waltel Branco - Henry Mancini

I Don't Know About This Girl

John Clifford, screenwriter, ''Carnival Of Souls''

Folsom Prison Blues

Living Marimbas Plus Voices

Lady In Cement

Hugo Montenegro

Polaroid Swinger

tv commercials

Our Man Flint

Jerry Goldsmith

Introduction (Sue Vicker)

The Vickaroos

Mary Kay Enthusiasm

The Vickaroos

Main Title - The Love God?

Vic Mizzy

Si Si No No


You Can't Live In Isolation

John Clifford, screenwriter, ''Carnival Of Souls''

Nite Shift


Moonflower Q 70

Peter Thomas

Radio Spot

Ballantine Beer

Desperados Waiting For A Train

Slim Pickens

Church is Just A Place Of Business

John Clifford, screenwriter, ''Carnival Of Souls''

Deep Down (Danger: Diabolik Theme)

Ennio Morricone

Happiness Is...

The Going Thing

Let's Have No More Nights

John Clifford, screenwriter, ''Carnival Of Souls''


Harry Lubin

As If I Didn't Exist

John Clifford, screenwriter, ''Carnival Of Souls''

Tumbling Tumbleweeds

Merv Griffin

Cliche Heaven

Ken Nordine

I Don't Know What's Real Anymore

John Clifford, screenwriter, ''Carnival Of Souls''

Penelope (The Pennypipers)

Johnny Williams

Svjat Dreams



Space Patrol Playlist #12a



Space Patrol (Show Theme)

Peter Thomas

Vegas El Bandito

23 Skidoo

Hey, Hey

Gershon Kingsley

Moon Goddess


Happy Meeting

Unknown, 1972

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Earth

Leonard Nimoy

Orang Outang

Jane Birkin


The Three Suns

Try A Little Tenderness

Jack Webb

Swamp Root

Harmonica Frank Floyd

I Can See For Miles

Frankie Randall

At A Georgia Camp Meeting

The Swe-Danes

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha

RD Burman, Kumar Sanu

Under The Skin

Portion Control


France Gall

Pepsi 1965

tv commercial

Playgirl 70 (Party Music 1)

Piero Piccioni

When My Baby Smiles At Me

April Stevens

Crying Trees

The Limeliters

I Love To Singa

Al Jolson & Cab Calloway

Mozart -- Die Zauberflute: Der Holle Rache

Florence Foster Jenkins


Space Patrol Playlist #14



Space Patrol

Peter Thomas

To Have the Vision

Mark Stewart

Lemon Tree

Trini Lopez


Hugo Winterhalter

Hai Karate

tv commercial

It's What's Really Happening

Wendy & Bonnie


Astrud Gilberto

Happy Hour

Lawrence Welk & Myron Floren

Old Tige

Jim Reeves

Sasquatch Song

Stompin' Tom Connors

Deck of Cards (1959)

Wink Martindale

Let Us Begin Anew

JFK Singers

Quick Tan with Coppertone

tv commercial

Sunday Morning

Margo Guryan


Django Reinhardt

Crickets of Krachi

Arthur Lyman

Dry Bones

Fred Waring

There Is a Tavern in the Town

Wally Cox

Radio Free Europe 1959

tv commercial

The Beverly Hills Telephone Directory Cha Cha Cha

Bob McFadden & Dor

La Ultima Noche

Eydie Gorme Y Los Panchos

Speed Racer

cartoon theme

Moi Je Joue

Brigitte Bardot

You Can't Ever Come Down

Joe Byrd & The Field Hippies

The Girl from Ipanema

Lou Rawls


Space Patrol Playlist #15



Space Patrol (show theme)

Peter Thomas

I Yi Yi Yi Yi (I Like You Very Much)

Carmen Miranda

Peg O' My Heart

Robert Maxwell His Harp And Orchestraa

Tiger Rag

Les Paul & Mary Ford

Cancione De Amor Latina

Enoch Light And The Light Brigade

Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls

Radio Spot 2

Shoo Awlek

Azar Habib

I'm No Communist (1953)

Grandpa Jones

Studebaker Lark

radio commercial

Atomic Power

Buchanan Brothers

Jesus Wants To Live In You

Lil Markie

Georgy Girl

George Garabedian Players

Jodel Cha Cha Cha

Alice Babs

Call Me

The New Classic Singers


The Four Lads

Like The Lord Said

Rodd Keith


tv commercial

Ru Guo Mei You Ni

Bai Guang

Satellites Are Spinning

Sun Ra And His Intergalactic Solar Arkestraestra

Lucky Lager Beer

Alan Copeland Singers

Is Duniya Mein Jeena Ho To

Shankar-Jaikishan (Singer, Lata Mangheskar)eskar)



Japanese Speed Racer Theme (Or ''Mach A Go Go'')ch Go Go Go")

''Chooche'' (?)


Space Patrol Playlist #16



Space Patrol

Peter Thomas


Bobby Hendricks (& Dr. Jive)

Very Nice Is Bali Bali

Patience & Prudence

Don't Waste Kitchen Fats (1943)

Bingo Crosbyana

It's All Up To You (Cahn, Van Heusen)

Frank Sinatra And Dinah Shore

Quiet Village

Okazaki Hiroshi And His Stargazers

Where Or When

Franklyn Maccormack w/Russ Garcia

Disc Dance Of The Globbots

The Blue Men

Hoke Mayus Tere Dar Se Sawali

Mohd Rafi, Aziz, Nazan, Shankar Shambhu & Ambar Kumar

Lullaby Yodel

Mary Schneider

Blackula Trailer


I Love Paris

Toshiyuki Miyama And The New Hard Orchestra

Spiderman 70s Cartoon Theme

Ray Ellis

And Now The News

The Hellers

Goat Herd

Sister Jean

Hear How To...Tell Your Child The Facts Of Life

Dr. Rebecca Liswood

Paradise Island

The Blackwoods

Red Canary (Indian Song)

Vince Fiorino Trio

Mambo Jambo

Werner Muller

Cincinnati Dancing Pig

Red Foley

I Love To Singa

Owl Jolson


Space Patrol Playlist #17



The Cycle Savages


Space Patrol (show theme)

Peter Thomas Sound Orchester

Disco Planet (Wir Beamen)

Frank Zander

Strip Club

Dudley Moore

Strange Echoes

Frank Hunter and his Orchestra

Philip Morris Cigarettes



Juan Garcia Esquivel

Model Worker (Peel Session)


I Won't Leave My Wooden Wife for You, Sugar

The United States of America

Two Ton Tessie

The Banana Splits

Police Paranoia

Patrick D. Martin

Ting Pimple Cream


Ain't Got No Think


The Batusi

Neil Hefti

Petite Lola

Anna Karina

Yo Soy Tiburon

Sierra Maestra

Up Came Oil


The Wayward Girl Trailer


Hum Kale Hain To

Mohammed Rafi

Yummy Yummy Yummy

V. Balsara


Space Patrol Playlist #18



Space Patrol (show theme)

Peter Thomas Sound Orchester

Prepare to Fire

The Christian Astronauts

I Walk The Line

Gil Trythall

Older Woman

The Bugaloos

Lady Friend

Bill Plummer & The Cosmic Brotherhood

Dancing Nuts (Poland 1967)

Novi Singers

Way Down Yonder In New Orleans

Dick Schory's New Percussion Ensemble

I Was Kaiser Bills Batman

Whistling Jack Smith

Seven Brothers Trailer

Irresponsible movie trailer

It's The Going Thing 1970

The Going Thing

Waking Up

Barton Horvath

Whiplash (Bonus Track)

101 Strings

Cover Girl 1965

nice commercial

Your Zowie Face

Jerry Goldsmith

White Room

Joel Grey

Legal Eagle

Vic Mizzy

Three Piece Swing

Stephen Mallinder

Nightmare- - Main Title, Galaxies

Domenic Frontiere

Surf Rider (Unreleased)

Eden Ahbez

Chili Cha-Cha

Hugo Winterhalter

Groves Nose Drops

nice commercial

A Dance (Poland 1977)

Martin Kratochvil's Jazz Q

I'll See You In Cuba (Prohibition Song) (1920)

Billy Murray




Space Patrol Playlist #19



Space Patrol (Show Theme)

Peter Thomas

Dickey Dickey Dickey Dockey

Jack Costanzo

West End

Laurie Johnson

Dr. Seuss - The Dressing Song

Dr. Seuss - Hans Conreid

Jungle Concerto

Xavier Cugat


50s Trash Trailers

Love Is Blue

Hugo Montenegro

1946 Squibb Dental Cream

nice commercial

Lover's Prayer

Myrtle K Hilo


Ted Heath

Ironized Yeast

nice commercial

Goza Goza

Si Zentner

Dear Me

Lucia Pamela

Arbeit '70


Buttons And Bows

Dinning Sisters w/Art Van Damme

Aaja Re Aa

Mohammed Rafi

Mwanza Market Place

Tak Shindo

El Juguete Extraordinario

Alicia Granados

Carters Little Liver Pills

nice commercial

Doctor Who Theme (Original, 1963)

Ron Grainer And Delia Derbyshire

B & S

Bobby Hughes Experience

The American Patrol Polka

Myron Floren

Glory Glory Hallelujah!

The Vickaroos


Space Patrol Playlist #20



Space Patrol (show theme)

Peter Thomas Sound Orchester

Ti Ho Sposato Per Allegria

Piero Piccioni

Carolina In The Morning

Perez Prado

In The Magnum Record Shop

Jack Arel/Jean-Claude Petit

Dial 'S' For Siren

Barry Gemso Experience feat. The Randall Zanelli Singers

Let's Keep It Friendly

Patrick Macnee & Honor Blackman

What's Wrong With My Children

Mike Adkins

Wild Root Cream Oil


Birmingham Jail

Dezurik Sisters

Zion Gate Dub

King Tubby



Do The Du

A Certain Ratio


Lotte Lenya

Basic Hip

Del Close-John Brent

The Beat Generation

Mamie Van Doren

Hole in the Ego

Ken Nordine

Laffing Beatnik

Johnny Beeman

Teenage Gang Debs Trailer


Dyrene I Afrika

Thorbjorn Egner

Tu Kahe Agar

Mukesh Chand Mathur

Some of These Days

The Three Suns

Car Song

Woody Guthrie